COBRA Module Manager

COBRA Module Manager

COBRA Module Manager is used to customise and change the supplied knowledge base(s). All the contents of a knowledge base can be tailored, or indeed, totally new knowledge bases can be developed.

Module Manager is a menu based system, designed specifically for ease of use and to facilitate quick and accurate knowledge base maintenance. Full help facilities are included to facilitate the use of the component.

Major Features

Question Module Creation And Maintenance Question modules can be produced, deleted or changed. Extensive branching facilities can be introduced where required, and scores, weights and countermeasures can be assigned to each response. In addition, unlimited help text can also be entered and maintained for each question. This can be invaluable in supporting the ‘self analysis’ approach.
Profiles And Assessments COBRA Risk Consultant and Module Manager share a library of risk level assessments. These assessments relate to a specific areas of risk or to individual threat categories. Again, with Module Manager, all assessment text and data can be changed, deleted or added to.
Counter Measures COBRA Risk Consultant and Module Manager also share a library of counter measures or recommendations. Again, these can be changed, added or removed. Counter measures can also be grouped, for situations where multiple recommendations or solutions are required.
Other Elements All the various weightings and links between different knowledge base elements can also be changed, as can the miscellaneous data such as suggested question module completer, mandatory principle text, etc.
Utilities Module Manager provides a wide range of utilities, including question print facilities, and the ability to change environmental settings (such as screen colours, default folders, etc).

Knowledge Base File Management

An entire sub-system is provided to enable an installation to support multiple differing knowledge bases or to enforce a knowledge base change control mechanism. The Knowledge Base File Management System will ease the set-up of entirely new knowledge bases and provide for the controlled management of existing COBRA knowledge bases.